Raising Consciousness of Modern Judaism

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

In June 2009, Christian co-chair Reverend David Houston led a very successful workshop for members of the Council of Christians and Jews SA on the topic “Raising Consciousness of Modern Judaism in your church … and why it matters”.

David Houston’s practical workshop gives step by step instructions for Christian congregations who would like to open up to a stronger interfaith dialogue with modern Judaism.
You’ll find a link to a PDF copy of the workshop just below the promotional leaflet for the workshop. We hope you find it useful. Please let us know.
You can email us at ronhoenig@bigpond.com  

Raising consciousness of modern Judaism in your church and why it matters

A workshop outline and resource guide devised for Christian congregations and groups
Reverend David Houston
Christian Co-chair
The Council of Christians and Jews (SA)
© 2009

4 Responses to “Raising Consciousness of Modern Judaism”

  1. greetings !

    its my desire to understand correctly the old and new testament and their context .

  2. If you contact us on this email address, we can arrange to send you a copy

  3. Sorry, you probably won;t see the email above: councilcjsa@gmail.com

  4. I used to work at Emanuel Synagogue. Interested to read the article.


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